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Balance new Material Corporation is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials.


Balance new Material Co., Ltd. Founded in 2009, the early main high-purity metal materials and target backplane production and processing. In 2016, the Japanese target binding technology was introduced and combined with its own technology to form a complete set of target binding and welding. At present, it has cooperated with many target manufacturers at home and abroad to sell target materials. Main business: Planar target, rotating target and various target binding, copper backplane, waterway backplane stainless steel backpipe manufacturing and processing.
The company mainly includes: polycrystalline silicon target, high purity copper-nickel-copper alloy target, ITO target, graphite target, indium-lithium target, tantalum target, high purity indium casting target, molybdenum target, AZO target titanium waterway backboard, copper waterway backboard, circular backboard, copper backboard and other products. With good reputation, unique innovation, stable quality and good service, Shigao provides quality products for global customers.

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icon Balance new Materials shipped top-quality sputtering targets to my grad student in-time for us to complete our project and write our report in time for a major conference. We were very glad they were delivered so quickly. Icon - SAM

Professor/Student Adviser from major European technical university