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ITO Target Technology and Future Prospect

According to "China ITO Target Market Research and Investment Prospects Report (2015 Edition)" published by Limu Information Consulting, ITO (Indium tin oxide) target is one of the key materials in the field of electronic information. It is mainly used to manufacture flat-panel liquid crystal displays, touch screens, thin film transistors, solar cell transparent electrodes and multi-functional glass.

ITO target technology has always been in the hands of a few enterprises such as Japan and Korea, while Chinese enterprises have been making slow progress in independent technology research and development.

At present, the ITO targets produced in China mainly supply the low-end market, while the high-end TFT-LCD and touch screen ITO targets are almost all imported from Japan and Korea.

With the popularity of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, the global ITO target demand will reach about 2700 tons by 2017.