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How to Maintain Sputtering Targets

I. Target Maintenance

In order to avoid short circuit and arcing caused by unclean cavity in sputtering process, it is necessary to remove the accumulated sputtering objects in the middle and both sides of the sputtering orbit periodically, which also helps users to sputter continuously at the highest power density.

II. Target Storage

We recommend that users keep the target, whether metal or ceramics, in vacuum packaging, especially the bonded target, in order to avoid the effect of bonding layer oxidation on bonding quality. For the packaging of metal targets, we recommend that at least they should be packed in clean plastic bags.

3. Target cleaning

The first step is to clean the lintless soft cloth soaked in acetone.

The second step is similar to the first step in cleaning with alcohol.

The third step is to clean with deionized water. After cleaning with deionized water, the target is placed in the oven and dried at 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Cleaning of oxides and ceramic targets is recommended with "flannerless cloth".

The fourth step is to wash the target with argon gas of high pressure and low water gas to remove all impurity particles that may cause arcing in the sputtering system.

4. Short Circuit and Sealing Inspection

Short-circuit inspection and sealing inspection of the whole cathode are needed after the target is installed. It is suggested that short-circuit of the cathode be judged by shaking the meter with a resistor. After determining that there is no short circuit in the cathode, leak detection can be carried out, and water can be flowed into the cathode to determine whether there is leakage.

V. Packaging and Transportation

All targets are packed in vacuum sealed plastic bags with moisture-proof agents. The outer packing is usually wooden box with anti-collision layer around it to protect the target and back target from damage during transportation and storage.