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Valuation Standard for Red Copper Mold


In the last five years, influenced by the global economy, the price of mould copper has jumped greatly, and the price of mould copper industry has been chaotic. Customers can not timely grasp the fluctuation of global copper prices, resulting in varying degrees of capital waste. In order to improve the reputation of enterprises, Shigao Metals will analyze copper pricing and profits according to the production standards of die copper for you.

International Die Copper Standard

JIS-C1100 Japan China GB-T2

Die copper is commonly known as red copper in Japan and Taiwan, and most of China is called purple copper or pure copper.

Density 8.96 Melting Point 1083 Temperature Conductivity (> 90 Softening Temperature (> 260 Hardness (> 80HV)

Raw Material of Die Copper

No. 1 electrolytic copper raw material. Valuation Standards - The official website of Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Network or Yangtze Nonferrous Metal Network is published before 12 o'clock every day.

Production process

No. 1 electrolytic copper is vacuum melted into copper ingot (thick rod). More than 2500 tons of copper ingot is formed by rolling mill. Hardness is debugged by aging treatment.