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Famous brand of cemented carbide imported from Europe

Carbide industry is a big consumer of cemented carbide. Many famous European brands of cemented carbide are accompanied by the automobile industry into China.

Among the imported cemented carbides, the best quality is imported from Europe. Among the brands imported from Europe, SANDVIK, HARTMETALLAG and CERATIZIT are of the best quality. The products produced by the three European factories are between Bozhong and Bozhong. Among them, Sandvik has set up factories in China, Sandvik has invested in some domestic cemented carbide factories, so many domestic Sandvik's products are actually domestic materials, which are different from those produced by European factories; Senlatian also set up factories in China and began to put into production. It would be nice if we could buy imported materials from real Sandvik or Senlatian. HARTMETALLAG, on the other hand, insists on the principle of setting up factories only in Switzerland and producing only the best quality products. Therefore, although HARTMETALL AG is well known in Europe, it has less influence in China than Sandvik. However, one advantage of purchasing HARTMETALL AG products is that they can guarantee the best quality imported from Switzerland.

Other imported carbide brands in Europe are mainly imported from Germany, among which Connor, Connor, KFC and AF are actually products produced by a factory and are of the same origin. Cobalt collar sales are also good, and Connor has a lot of origins. The quality of these brands is very good as long as they buy the real goods.

Kenner now claims to be a European brand because of the merger of some European factories. Kenner produces a large number of cemented carbide bars and blades in domestic factories. Legend has it that many factories produce for Kennette, and OEMs buy their own raw materials. For example, the 2210 bar, which has a larger sales volume, is produced by Kenner factory in Tianjin. Although it is worse than Kenner's imports from the United States, it is also good to use.